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Bayliss 75ft Sportfishing Boat $0.00

  • Year:2023
  • Length:75.6 Ft/Meter
  • Location:North Carolina, Wanchese

Bayliss Boats 60ft Walkaround $0.00

  • Year:2022
  • Length:60 Ft/Meter
  • Location:North Carolina, Wanchese

Bayliss Boats For Sale

Sportfishtrader offers Bayliss Boats For Sale on our website, although to be honest: Not many ever come up for sale!  Bayliss Boats has been building boats in Wanchese, NC since 2002.  Rumor has it that as of now (2022) the current wait for a new Bayliss Boat is 5-6 years.  Bayliss Boats are considered by many to be the premier boat builder in the industry today.  That of course isn't to say that other builders are inferior, but when you pair the detail John Bayliss puts into each inch of his boats alongside current demand, it's really hard to argue when someone says that a Bayliss is the best boat money can buy.

How Much Does A Bayliss Boat Cost?

Bayliss Boats are rumored to cost anywhere between $5 Million and $14 Million dollars.  Obviously, this is a hard number to nail down when it comes to different types of boats and the fact that Bayliss protects its clients by not revealing the cost of each build.

Where Are Bayliss Boats Made?

Bayliss Boats are currently made in Wanchese, North Carolina at 600 Harbor RD, 27981.  Wanchese, NC is the home of the Custom Carolina Sportfishing Boat.

How Many Boats Has Bayliss Built?

As of mid-2020, Bayliss has built and delivered 25 Boats to their clients.

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