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1964 25ft Bertram For Sale $119,000.00

  • Year:1964
  • Length:25 Ft/Meter
  • Location:California, Santa Barbera
  • Category:Sport Fishing

1964 31ft Bertram Flybridge Cruiser For Sale $166,000.00

  • Year:1964
  • Length:31 Ft/Meter
  • Location:Puerto Rico, Fajardo

1965 Bertram 25 Moppie $29,500.00


1966 Bertram 25 Cuddy Cabin For Sale $229,000.00

  • Year:1966
  • Length:25 Ft/Meter
  • Location:Florida, Stuart
  • Category:Express Cruiser

1969 Bertram 20 20′ Sportsman $39,000.00

  • Year:1969
  • Length:20 Ft/Meter
  • Location:Maryland, Crownsville
  • Category:Center Consoles

1970 Bertram 20 Center Console $39,995.00

  • Year:1970
  • Length:20 Ft/Meter
  • Location:Rhode Island, Wickford
  • Category:Center Consoles

1970 Bertram 38 $85,000.00

  • Year:1970
  • Length:38 Ft/Meter
  • Location:Maryland, Chesapeake Beach
  • Category:Sport Fishing

1974 Bertram 46 Convertible Sportfish $60,000.00

  • Year:1974
  • Length:46 Ft/Meter
  • Location:Florida, Cape Canaveral
  • Category:Convertible Boats

1975 Bertram 35 $59,000.00

  • Year:1975
  • Length:35 Ft/Meter
  • Location:North Carolina, Manteo
  • Category:Sport Fishing

1979 Bertram 28 $34,500.00

  • Year:1979
  • Length:28 Ft/Meter
  • Location:North Carolina, Morehead City
  • Category:Sport Fishing

Bertram Boats For Sale

Sportishtrader has the Best Bertram Boats For Sale currently on the market.  Bertram Yachts makes boats that are probably the most famous boats when it comes to how rugged and durable they are.  For this reason, Bertram express boats are fished all around the world in some of the most remote locations known to man!

Bertram Yachts History

Bertram Yachts is a company that was founded in 1960 by Dick Bertram, an American boat designer and builder. The company is known for its high-quality, high-performance boats, which are used for a variety of purposes, including fishing, cruising, and racing. Bertram Yachts has a long history of innovation in the boating industry, and its boats have won numerous awards for their design and performance. The company is headquartered in Florida, and it has a global network of dealers and service centers.

Used Bertram Boats For Sale

Due to the long history of this brand, Sportfishtrader typically has a great selection of Used Bertram Boats For Sale at any given time.

Popular Used Bertram Boats For Sale

When it comes to used Bertram Yacht models there are several that you will find available on a regular basis:
  • Bertram 31':  There were about 2000 Bertram 31 models made over the span of 20 years, including a Silver edition that was released in 1986
  • Bertram 34'
  • Bertram 54'

Are Bertram Boats Still Made?

Yes, Bertram Boats was acquired by the Ferretti Group and are still made in Florida.  Bertram's main locations are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Tampa, Florida.

Is Bertram A Good Boat?

What makes a good boat is always in the eye of the beholder, but by most fishermans standards, Bertram is a very good boat that is built to a high standard, capable of lasting a lifetime or more!

Why Are Bertram Boats So Good?

Bertram Boats have such a great reputation for being good because they focused on being built like yachts while maintaining their performance.  They are beloved by anglers all over the world for their ease of use, maintenance, and longevity.

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